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5 hot tips on saving money for moving house

Pick up extra hours at work

If there are any extra hours on offer at your workplace, picking up an extra shift here or there can make a huge difference to your bank balance and have you far better positioned to afford anything you might need to help your move go smoothly and easily. Picking up extra hours at your current job is always easier than looking for a second job, so be sure to talk to your boss to see what’s possible before you start looking for something else.

Drive less

The price of petrol these days makes driving an extremely expensive undertaking, so you will save quite a bit of money just by cutting down the amount you use your car. Walk more, or even invest in a cheap bike, and your moving fund will quickly fill up as a result.

Cut out luxuries

Luxuries, like fancy foods, eating out and alcohol are all unnecessary purchases, so if you need to get a bit of money together in preparation for you move, cut out some of these luxury items and save the money for the move instead. This can also be a wonderful opportunity to kick an unhealthy habit at the same time, so consider giving up the smokes or halving your beer intake -- you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel, as well as pleasantly surprised by all of the extra money you will now have.

Downsize to help removalists

You will be saving a heap of money on your moving services by downsizing in preparation for the move, because the more stuff you have to move to your next place, the more money it will cost in transportation. Removalists are always worth the money for the professionalism and expertise they bring to any move, but make sure you aren’t wasting money moving stuff you don’t even want or need anymore.

Skip the holiday this year

As awesome as it is to be able to get away on holiday at least once each year, if you have a move coming up that you are saving for, you would be wise to skip the holiday this year and save the money for the move instead. There will always be next year’s holiday to look forward to, so for this year, stay focused on the move, because spending money on a holiday right now would not be money very cleverly spent.

Don’t go into your big move without the funds to do it correctly, because the only thing that can ruin the excitement of a move is having it be chaotic or break the bank. Be smart and start saving early, and put any leftover cash towards your housewarming party.

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